Honesty Donor
 The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. You provide that single step that allows us to help our residents to become honest with themselves and begin their  journey to recover.

"The Char Hope Foundation saved my life! I came into Char Hope the Farm a 56 year old alcoholic woman that had just spent 2 1/2 weeks in a hospital.  I was extremely dehydrated, kidney and liver failure, fluid in my lungs and more.  Thanks to Char Hope the staff, counselors, all the volunteers and of course all the wonderful farm animals. All were a huge part of my sobriety. I now have a life worth living!       

Thanks to God and Char Hope"
- Sharon

Hope Donor
 You are a beacon of hope for our residents. Your generosity reassures our residents that they are loved, will heal and can trust in a higher power.

"Char Hope has helped me build a strong foundation for sustainable recovery. I gained my integrity and independence back here. I am forever grateful for everyone believing in me until I could learn to believe in myself."
- Leah

Surrender Donor
 Your gift enables our residents to visualize the green pastures beyond addiction, allowing them to surrender and turn their will and lives over to recovery.

"Char Hope has helped to save my life. I came here a broken, lost, scared little girl. Today, I am a woman of grace and dignity. Through being here, I have been afforded the opportunity to firmly plant my feet in a 12-step fellowship and build a strong network; learn about agriculture, find and develop new hobbies, and figure out who I am. I cannot express in words how grateful I am for the life Char Hope has given me!"
- Carly

Willingness VIP Donor
 Your willingness to support our residents provides them with the fortitude to identify and repair their character defects, allowing them to emerge as a stronger person.

You will be recognized as a Willingness VIP Donor at our yearly events, on social media and or website. Tickets for you and a guest will be provided to all our yearly events.

"Char Hope was a safe haven for me to focus on stabilizing myself while making supportive friendships with other women that truly understood my struggles and cheered at my successes. I'm grateful to have gotten to care for and love the animals, also- the empathy they conveyed was incredible, and I am stronger for having experienced life with them on the farm. This program changed me for the better, and I would recommend it to any woman who is ready for a new way of living."

- Steph

Loving VIP Level
 Most of the  residents who come to us don"t love themselves. Thank you for this restorative gift. It provides each resident with the necessary time to heal, reflect and understand their worth, as well as how they have hurt others.Your loving gift ignites the fire that provides the strength for our residents to make amends.

You will be recognized as a Loving VIP Donor at our yearly events, on social media and our website. A table will be provided for you and nine guests at our events.

"Char Hope Foundation has been an Amazing gift to me, my sobriety, my family & my life. I came in a broken woman, mother of 3 & my marriage on the rocks. Char Hope taught me how to love myself, take care of myself & put my recovery first. I found self-love & a sisterhood.       I learned how to take care of myself, my kids & my relationships. Even after I graduated, Char hope has been a rock for me. I got into a situation with my car/finances. Char Hope was there for me. My Char Hope sisters are always here for me. I am truly blessed & grateful for the opportunity to have gone through the Char Hope program & completed it."

- Shannon


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