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About us

Founded in October of 2015, the Char Hope Foundation is focused on being the first recovery support group within the agricultural community in Maryland.  We are dedicated to helping adults, who are facing the challenges of substance abuse, to move toward a long term recovery, while learning life skills, and creating a family like community to give added support.



The Code of the West:
- Live each day with courage
- Take pride in your work
- Always finish what you start
- Do what has to be done
- Be tough, but fair
- When you make a promise, keep it
- Ride for the brand
- Talk less and say more
- Remember that some things aren't for sale
- Know where to draw the line


Char Hope's mission is providing sober living opportunities, financial aid, supervised agricultural learning experiences, and community outreach to help educate the public about addiction awareness. The Char Hope Foundation helps adults move forward toward a full recovery, a healthier lifestyle and a life free from addiction.

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