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The Char Hope Team

Hope • Healing • Growth
The Twin Stream Learning to Live Ranch Team works hard to provide a family like environment focused on fostering relationships and encouraging individual growth and healing.



Founder & Executive Director

Derek is a past 4-H & FFA member, and has been an active volunteer in 4-H & FFA for years. He joined the Darlington Volunteer Fire Company at the age of 16, where he served as a firefighter and EMS member. After buying a home in Pylesville, he joined the Whiteford Volunteer Fire Company, where he is an active firefighter, EMS driver, and past president of the company. Derek has served in many other roles at the company as well. During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, he was sent by FEMA to be deployed to Mississippi where he served over a month helping the citizens of the gulf coast. Derek has also served on a number of other community groups. He is a member of Harford County's Agricultural Advisory Board and is passionate about saving the agricultural industry.


Tonya Adams
Program Director

Tonya Adams currently serves as the Program Director for Char Hope. Tonya officially joined our team in July 2021 after becoming an alumni of our program and serving as house manger. She had been working in the substance abuse treatment field for nearly 2 years. Tonya has the experience necessary to relate to our residents on a personal level because she too is a woman living in long term recovery and completed the Char Hope Program. Tonya is a  Certified Peer Recovery Coach. 


Chuck Kinsing
 Asst. Program Director

Coming Soon...


Shannon Larrimore
 Transportation Director

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Kerry Paradis
 Rooting Recovery Educator

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Christian Harris
 Rooting Recovery Educator

Coming Soon...

Contact Information
For admissions and more information about the
Twin Stream Ranch Project for Men or the MA & PA Homestead Project for women.

Tonya Adams, Program Director (Woman's)

Chuck Kinsing, Asst. Program Director (Men's)

Shannon Larrimore, Transportation Director

Kerry Paradis, Rooting Recovery Educator

Christian Harris, Rooting Recovery Educator

P.O. Box 181 • Street, MD • 21154
443-619-5888 •

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