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Sober Living / Life Skills

Sober living homes are homes for people who are recovering from addiction. Clients are eligible to apply for sober living arrangements once they have completed a detox program and an intensive in-patient and/or out-patient program. People who live in sober living homes have to follow strict rules and contribute to the home by securing a job and doing chores. Most importantly, residents must stay sober throughout their stay in the home.

Life Skills consist of learning to live off the land by harvesting, eating, and storing foods that one produces from the land such as fruits, meats, berries, eggs, etc. Teaching team building exercises, finance management, trade skills, and working to rebuild their self-esteem.


Recovery Mentor Program

The Recovery Mentor Program is to give a person in recovery someone to turn to; someone who has traveled the road to recovery and succeeded. 

A person in recovery is matched with individual mentor who introduces them to drug-free housing and accompanies them to their first support group meeting. Mentors check in with their mentee regularly, making sure they maintain their commitment to a successful recovery. The longer a person continues with outpatient treatment and sober living, the greater the chance of long-term sobriety.

The Code of the West:
- Live each day with courage
- Take pride in your work
- Always finish what you start
- Do what has to be done
- Be tough, but fair
- When you make a promise, keep it
- Ride for the brand
- Talk less and say more
- Remember that some things aren't for sale
- Know where to draw the line


Homesteading & Livestock Interaction

Homesteading is defined as a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. It is characterized by subsistence agriculture, home preservation of food thru canning & freezing. The food harvested by the house that is canned or frozen is used to feed the house thru out the year.


Livestock Interaction is an opportunity for the residents to work with cattle and other livestock. The will learn to handle livestock, market Livestock, and show livestock. Many residents say they have learned a lot about themselves thru working with the livestock.

Rooted Recovery (Education) and Homesteading Coach: Amy Vaughan-Roland

Equine Interaction Coach: Mindy Schneider

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