Homecoming Project, Inc.

Homecoming Project is like our sister house and is a eight bed, half-way house for women recovering from alcohol and substance abuse. The mission of Homecoming Project is to provide women with a comprehensive, family-oriented program of recovery from homelessness and substance abuse in a supportive residential environment. Robin Keener, Executive Director and her staff are huge supporters of the Char Hope Foundation.

Addiction Connections Resource, Inc.

Addiction Connections Resource, Inc. connects with substance abuse prevention programs, addiction treatment centers, halfway houses, support groups, therapists and other persons and/or organizations involved with the initial and extended treatment of substance abuse in an effort to formulate a continuum of care that adequately addresses the holistic needs of the substance abuse population. ACR continues to identify the multifaceted needs of the substance addicted population and incorporates this knowledge in service provision. ACR will serve as an advocate for the addict/alcoholic, his or her family, and the substance abuse field in general. ACR is a huge sponsor of ladies coming into the Char Hope Foundation.

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Support Our Sponors

Our sponsors are very giving to our mission please consider supporting them with your business.

 Weyrich, Cronin & Sorra

indHall’s Septic Services Inc. 

Comer Construction, Inc.

Jones Junction

Harford Mutual 

Maryland Recovery

 Shaffer, McLauchlin & Stover, LLC

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