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Our Structure & Program


Rooting Recovery

The Char Hope Twin Stream Ranch Project and the Ma & Pa Homestead Project are healing havens for 9 men and 5 women in recovery.


Our family environment is focused on fostering healthy relationships and encouraging individual growth and healing. Our residents spend the first several weeks focusing on their sobriety and their physical and emotional healing, addressing both medical and counseling needs.


All of their needs are met through our program including housing, food, and transportation to appointments, meetings, doctor visits, and eventual jobs.

We ask that residents commit to a 12-month stay with us. While that may seem like a long time, it is just the beginning of their long-term recovery.


Our structured program involves daily activities including meals as a family, in-house meetings and meditation, household and farm chores, educational programming, life skills building, and recreation activities.


In order to successfully complete our program, our graduates must participate in aftercare for at least 6 weeks after moving out of a Char Hope residence.


We are proud to have a long-term recovery rate well above the national average.

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