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Your Journey With Char Hope


Rooting Recovery

Hope • Healing • Growth

The Char Hope Twin Stream Ranch and Ma & Pa Homestead are havens for 5 man and 5 women in recovery. We provide a family like environment encourages individual growth and healing while fostering healthy, supportive relationships.
growth and healing. We have 2 properties one is the Twin Stream Ranch Project for Men & the other is the MA & PA Homestead Project for women.


Click Here for Online Interview Submission

After submitting a staff member will follow up with a phone interview.

Contact Information:


For admissions and more information about the Twin Stream Ranch Project for Men or the MA & PA Homestead Project for women.

Tonya Adams, Program Director (Woman's)

Christian Harris, Asst. Program Director (Men's)

Shannon Larrimore, Transportation Director

Jess Sherman, Rooting Recovery Coach

P.O. Box 181 • Street, MD • 21154

443-619-5888 (Woman's Program) •

443-619-5898 (Men's Program) •

7:00am - 8am Breakfast

Residents sit down together to enjoy a healthy breakfast featuring our own farm fresh eggs and other goodies


8am - 8:20am Be ready to Load Up

Residents must be ready for transport to Education Building

8:30am - 8:55 am Morning Meeting & Mediation

At morning meeting, the community gathers to learn about the day’s goals, activities, and share the 5-day weather, and “farm sightings”. Music, Meditation w Scenic Relaxation video playing, Readings AA/NA. We end each meeting with an inspirational quote and serenity prayer.

9am - 9:30 am Morning Chores

Whether it’s collecting eggs, fieldwork, barn work, working the mobile farmer's market, or working on a team, it inspires a sense of dignity, self-worth, and pride in doing for oneself and others—important prerequisites for healing. The social interaction, exercise, and skills building of the work program play an important role in a resident moving toward personal independence.

10am-12pm Education Program

At this point you will be working with the staff thru our Rooting Recovery Program curriculum. Which are all building blocks for your future.

12:00 pm Lunch

Everyone gathers for lunch back at each house and midday break.​

1:00pm - 2pm Life Skills Building

This time brings the residents together to work with each house Director on various activities that promote Life Skills, Public Speaking, and Job Building.

2pm - 3:00pm Structured Leisure Time/Education Program

Structured leisure time is a purposeful framework designed to nurture clients passions and self-exploration while embracing the idyllic surroundings of the farm. It offers a carefully curated blend of activities and experiences aimed at fostering personal growth and connection with nature, creating an enriching and transformative retreat.


3:00pm - 4pm Programs Break

Each day the residents gather for refreshing drinks and snacks while talking about the day and enjoying one another’s company.

4:00pm - 5pm Relaxation and Dinner Prep
Each day at this time, the residents clean up and prep for a family dinner.
5:00pm - 5:30 Evening Chores and Animal Care

Just like our residents are learning to care for themselves, they are also learning to care for other things that depend on them.


5:30pm - 6:30pm Dinner
Whether it’s family-style dinner in the dining room, or a cookout outside, the meals served are always prepared featuring the food we grow and raise on the farm, with an eye towards optimizing health for all on the ranch.


Outside Meetings and Recreation & Relaxation
There is always something going on in the evenings, whether it’s attending a 12 step meeting, a trip to the park for a community hike or swim, or to a local fair, relaxing in the living room watching a movie, reading a book, or playing games, or sitting around a campfire outside. 


Our Residents know how to work hard and have fun too!

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