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Rooting Recovery

 All Round Volunteer of the Year
The Volunteer of the Year Award allows Char Hope to recognize and celebrate a volunteer who has gone above and beyond in their volunteer service. The purpose of this award is to honor a volunteer whose dedicated service has had a significant impact on our foundation and our community as a whole.
●    2024 
●    Charlie Martin & Family 2023
●    Oliva Rosser 2022
●    Leah Burgos 2021
●    Mindy Schneider 2020  
●    Tom & Betsy Galbreath 2019
●    Bill & Charlotte Smetana 2019
●    Dawn & Mark Homer 2019 

Atlas Giving Award 
The Atlas Award is designed to recognize supporters for their outstanding dedication to building the foundation and program. See In Greek mythology, was a Titan condemned to hold up the heavens or sky for eternity just like these believers who have helped us to path a way for eternity also. 
●    2024 
●    Tar Heel 2023
●    Comer Construction 2022
●    Harford Mutual Insurance 2022
●    Anthony C. Comes 2021(Emerald Custom Builders Inc)
●    Amy Vaughan-Roland 2020 (Ag Educator) 
●    Eric McLauchlin 2019 (Shaffer McLauchlin and Stover)
●    Robin Keener & Staff 2019  (Homecoming Project)
●    Linda Williams  2019 (ACR) 

Founders Visionary Award
Is awarded to an individual or group who believes in the founder’s vision of helping those find a new beginning in life. See we in still in our residents that you have been given this chance at a new life and you can waste it or use it for good, and when tomorrow comes it’s a New Day for and a new day that was built on a vision of our founders and believers.    
●    2024
●    2024 
●    Joseph A. Tunney 2023
●    Sandi Gallion 2022
●    Edward Webber 2022
●    Leeann Bedsual 2021
●    Klein Family 2020
●    Myra Derbyshire 2019
●    Tom Yingling 2019
●    Dave Gerick 2019

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